Hamburg High School Class of 1973
— Hamburg, New York —

Class of '73 Tassel

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A Note from the Webmeister

The reunion was a great success, no one wanted it to end, and everyone wants to keep in touch. I think we can & should keep this website going, and add pictures, etc. to it. We may have to move it elsewhere if it gets too big. I am intending to post pictures from the reunion over the next days & weeks. If any of you have pix you'd like to contribute, just email 'em to me and I'll try to get 'em posted as time allows.

Also, it has been suggested we hold a 50th Birthday Party in 2005 and a 35th class reunion in 2008! If these ideas sound good to you, please drop Susan Smolkovic Sillence an email. If you don't have her email address, let me know.

— Emerson "The Webmeister" Champion
Adopted member, HHS '73

The Purple And The White

Though other schools have colors
Of various tints and hue,
And some may choose an emblem
To which they stand so true,
In HAMBURG HIGH our colors
Which we hail with great delight
Are the two well chosen colors,

The four years' course in high school,
We never shall forget.
May the time while here be so spent,
As to cause us no regret.
When we enter life's arena,
And join the world's real fight,
We will praise our Alma Mater

Birthday Party 9/61
Sandy Mencer Birthday Party
Sandy S. Kindergarten Photo
St. Bernadette School 1st & 3rd Grade
Hamburg Methodist Sunday School 1962
Mrs. Eder's 2nd Grade – Union Street
2nd Grade Play at Union St. Mar 14, 1963
Miss Mountain's 3rd Grade Girls - Water Valley
Ms. Mountain's 3rd Grade Boys - Water Valley
Ms. Mountain's 3rd Grade (all) Water Valley
Mrs. Meisenheimer's 3rd Grade Water Valley
Mrs. Callahan's 5th Grade Water Valley
4th Grade at Charlotte Avenue
4th Grade Play at Union Street
4th Grade Chorus - Union Street
4th & 5th Grade Chorus - Union Street
5th Grade Christmas Play
St Peter & Paul 6th Grade
7th Grade Home Economics
9th Grade Confirmation Class at St. James
Bunting Block Fire
"Chinese Fire Drill"
Commander Tom
Paper Drive
Kromer Mill Club

Farr Cabin
Girl's Service Club Trip to Toronto
Never Never Land
Senior Central Board
Homecoming 1972
Homecoming Queens
"Barefoot in the Park" Poster
Soccer Team Fall 1971
Soccer Team Fall 1972
20th Reunion Soccer Team
Snapshot Staff
The Infamous Class Picture
Senior Ball
Graduation Announcement & Ticket
Commencement Program Cover
Commencement Program Page 1
Commencement Program Page 2
Commencement Program Page 3
The Class of 1973
Graduation Day!
Graduation Parties!
Pictures from the July 1973 Focus
Memorabilia Display at HHS
Then & Now
What 'True Buffalonians' Believe
The Great Pop vs. Soda Controversy

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