Hamburg High School Alumni Association Scholarship Fund

In Memory Of

John Ast
Matthew Warner Bartley
John Black
Russell David Boublis
Linda Donahue
Sara Jean Finch
Joanne Lynn Friebis
Karen Diane Fullerton
John Gaupp
Joseph Gonda
Bonnie L. Howe
Brian King
Patricia Ann Madden
Richard Miller
Lynn Marie Nicholas
Janetta O'Connor
Douglas Riggs
Donald Robinson
Chris Start
Keith Sutherland

"We Will Never Forget"

Through the wonder of computer and e-mail technology, many of your fellow classmates discussed reunion plans on-line. Our theme, "Return to Neverland", was decided upon in that way and more importantly, the Class of 1973 had an unusual opportunity to begin reconnecting. Through this marvelous avenue, we began sharing memories, thoughts & explaining what we were up to! E-mail got our attention!

Sadly, we became aware that so many of our wonderful friends have been lost over the years. We discussed ideas of how we could honor them. Our committee decided to make an unprecedented, but one- time appeal for donations to the Hamburg High School Alumni Association (HHSAA). Our mission was clear and focused: Thirty years later, we would not forget! We 'do' remember what is important! In a matter of four weeks, many of our classmates came through generously. As a result, later this month more than $5,000.00 will be delivered to the HHSAA. On June 10th, Senior Awards Day, "The HHS Class of 1973" awarded Jamie Miranda and Nathan Featherstone, Hamburg High School Class of 2003, a $2,500.00 scholarship (each) in memory of our deceased classmates. These two individuals received this substantial scholarship due to our generosity, a class that is very glad they received their public education at Hamburg High. We were a great and proud class and now also, a generous one. It is with sincere regret if you did not receive word of the scholarship fund. However, if you wish to add to this endeavor, your donation will be gratefully accepted by the HHSAA. All additional funds by the HHS 1973 will allow this organization to continue to grow and have the capital to pursue their good works in our class's name. Our example has raised the bar for the Class of 1974 and other classes to follow, when they begin plans to reunite for their 30th year reunion.