4th Grade Play at Union Street

Fourth Grade Play: "The Whole Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth" Union Street School

Left to Right:
Phil Juergens, Tom Bourne, UNKNOWN, Debbie Kostorowski, Rusty Hermans, Suzie Quigley, Marc Fleissner, George Davis, Tim O'Meara, Jean Kern, Doug Riggs, Bob Earnst, Harold Palmerton, Jeff Fox, Don Minkel, Ann Bastedo, Billy Klingelsmith, UNKNOWN, Mike Delany, Donna Sterlace, Barb Gilmore, Patty Casler, Celeste Georger, Robin Inskip, Evie Lattimer, Laura Irish, Barb Emerling, Jan Hughes, Amy Stoll, Susie Green

The play involved the boy who did not brush his teeth. The girls on the right were "All the good things you must eat to be healthy", there was a policeman, a judge , lawyers and the boys on the left were the jury.