The Kromer Falls Club

These items are among the few surviving archival materials from a teenage pagan cult known as "The Kromer's Falls Club", who would gather at this nature location and worship the sun, waterfalls, leeches, soccer and rock & roll.

The Float pictured was our feeble entry in the HHS Homecoming Parade. Our nomination for Queen of Homecoming was the serene beauty Ellen Brand, AKA, "The Leech Queen."

As I recall, the rather limited membership in the Kromer's Falls Club included Scott Farr, Dick McRobert, Ray Mitchell, Bob Sillence, Dave Sampson, Jack Christiana and myself. But, who knows? Maybe at the 30th Reunion we will nominate and elect a few new members!

Regards, Allan Foote

Kromer Falls is located below the Red Jacket Ski Club and was a picturesque setting for a little teenage mischief. Many June afternoons were spent, sometimes before the end of school senior year basking in the glory of that falls. If recollection serves me correct, the falls itself was a 10 to 15 foot plunge through a narrow gap in the rocks and the pool below was probably 15 feet deep, thereby saving us from breaking our necks.

The idea of the Leech Queen for our pseudo-official club resulted from the fact that the creek and one particular small pool above the falls was loaded with leeches. Thus, it seemed appropriate to our 18 year old male minds that we should have a Leech Queen for Homecoming. The magnanimous Ellen Brand was gracious enough to put her reputation on the line to be our Queen. Mrs. Hoare was not happy about our Club and legend has it that Ellen was not officially considered for Homecoming Queen as a result.

In any event, this small band of boys and short lived club deserve recognition and we humbly request inclusion in the Class of 1973 Website.

Thank you for your consideration,
Dave Sampson
Secretary and Sargeant-at-Arms
Kromer Falls Club

The Leech Queen checks in! "As you may remember I always relished in being the rebel, still do. I do recall being the Leech Queen, as a matter of fact I am quite proud of it… What I remember most is the fun-loving spirit of the Kromer Falls boys and I would love to capture that free-wheeling abandon again, if only for a few hours of reminiscing. Anyway, I will be in Iceland as you have heard, pursuing new adventures. I am always amazed at memory, how some people have vivid memories… Please raise a glass or two in my absence. Fondly, Ellen Brand"